Quotes from Advice for Future Corpses by Sallie Tisdale
Quotes About Zen and Buddhism

Quotes form The Truth of This Life by Katherine Thanas


These are some good quotes from the book "The Truth of This Life," by Katherine Thanas.

"The truth and joy of this life is that we cannot change things as they are."

"Notice what you are willing to pay attention to."

"Please your time to develop an insatiable appetite for inner awareness, to become proficient with this mind."

"Accepting and releasing into just what is, is the homeopathy of Zen."

"We learn that our resistance strengthens whatever we want to avoid."

"When you are listening for something, there is an effort involved, the strain of blocking out. But when you stop trying to listen, there can be a deep release and an increase in hearing."

"Zen practice directs us to that qualify of mind that simply observes."

"Settling the mind allows us to see things as they really are, relatively free of emotional or intellectual biases."

"We resist seeing or hearing things as we are opposed to or are afraid of."

"When we feel there are alternatives, we reach for them, but when there are none, it seems we can rest in what is."

"Nothing binds us but the habituated mind."

"All of us look out at the same world. And we all see a different version of it, depending on what's already in our minds."

"The nature of the mind is movement. You have to let the thoughts in, in order for them to move."

"Zen is a complete opening of the heart."

"The more we do zazen, the more we realize we don't do zazen."

"Until I love this world as it is, I can't love anyone."

"I will love you if you reflect some part of me that I'm willing to show. I won't love you if you reflect some part of me that is ugly."

"I don't know how we can have a peaceful plant when we are all armed to the teeth with fear, anxiety, distress, and possessiveness."

"Suchness is something that cannot be defined, it is things as they are."

"If you have an opinion you have standards in your mind and you are comparing."