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Quotes form Ruling Your World by Sakyong Mipham

These quotes are from the book "Ruling Your World: Ancient Strategies for Modern Life" by Sakyong Mipham.

"Ignorance is pain. Knowledge is bliss."

"Runners talk about establishing a base - a consistent regimen for building endurance and strength. In beginning to run, I noticed this myself. Once I built a base, I had confidence. I could look around, see where I was going, and enjoy my surroundings. Before I built a base, I was struggling."

"Generally, whatever we do - whether it is good or bad - will only increase if we keep doing it."

"Repeating habits only strengthens them."

"Unless we rule our mind, there is no escape from confusion."

"Contemplation is the most powerful tool we have for changing our behavior."

"In making friends, we are cultivating the influence of each other's view. If we want to rule our world, we need to be mindful about who we're  hanging out with and aware of their influence."

"Even though running is a physical activity, it mostly has to do with exerting the mind."

"Being assertive, you can accomplish some things, but with gentleness, you can accomplish all things." - Tulku Ugyen

"All the pleasure the world can offer eventually turns to pain. Everything we gain is subject to loss."

"Gain and loss is just an illusion - one that we've allowed to rule us."

"Worrying about sickness and death is not going to improve health or make dying any less eventual."

"The Buddha says: The World is fluid, not solid. It's fixating on what you want that hurts. Stop clinging so tightly."

"If we want a world that generates love and happiness, we need to start watering the seeds of peace and stability in our own mind."